Recruiter Track

A tailored course and community for making a career switch into tech recruiting

Background Story

When First Round invests in a startup, the first request we usually get is for help with hiring. A great team is the backbone of every successful company and recruiting the right folks all over the org chart is critical — but it’s not easy.

By building the team from the ground up, startup recruiters have the ability to make a massive impact on the business for years to come. Given the potential to leave such a large footprint on a startup’s foundation, plenty of folks hope to make a career pivot into recruiting. But despite the massive need across the startup ecosystem for more recruiters, it’s tricky to get your foot in the door with no experience. While we’ve found that some of the best recruiters come from non-traditional backgrounds, busy hiring managers often don’t feel they have the time to teach on-the-job skills — like the secrets of sourcing, conducting a phone screen, and negotiating an offer.

There are already courses out there, but most of them help existing recruiters sharpen their skills, instead of providing the hands-on Recruiting 101 newcomers need. We think we can help close this gap, and that’s why we’re launching Recruiting Track — to teach you the foundations of recruiting and send you down a new career path in one of the best roles at a startup.

Whatever your background, we believe that detail-oriented, organized operators who are natural connectors make the sharpest recruiters, and we’re excited to help you make a career transition. Share your information here if you're interested in getting notified about the next cohort.

The Program

Recruiter Track is an exclusive program to help folks transition into a recruiting role at an early-stage startup. We’ll host 7 sessions in April where we’ll cover the foundations of recruiting with hands-on practice. Sessions will be taught by First Round’s very own Talent Team with guest instructors from top tech startup.

In building out the curriculum, we took a magnifying glass to each step of the recruiting process. We’ll cover the fundamentals of recruiting, from building an interview funnel from scratch to sourcing your candidates, partnering with hiring managers, and closing the deal with a dream candidate. But this won’t just be a series of presentations — you’ll get a ton of opportunities to practice and mimic on-the-job experience, with the First Round Talent Team on hand to give feedback and answer all your questions. Past Recruiter Track participants have landed recruiting roles at startups like Sprig, Superhuman, Instrumental, Coda, and more.

What You'll Get From This Program

  • The fundamentals of recruiting, from job description to offer letter, taught by the First Round talent team and experts in the industry
  • An inside look into how First Round-backed startups hire
  • Hands-on practice! We’ll work on finding candidates for real roles throughout the program to practice sourcing and outreach
  • Guidance for future interviews to be the first recruiter at an early-stage startup
  • A community of other folks who are also interested in recruiting in tech, with opportunities to network, trade ideas, and practice building up your new skills
  • The potential to work directly with First Round-backed companies on a project basis upon completion of the program
  • A fast-tracked application to any First Round company that’s hiring a recruiter

You Could Be A
Great Fit If You:

  • Have 2+ years of general work experience
  • Are looking to make a career transition into recruiting at an early-stage startup
  • Love connecting people
  • Are a master-organizer
  • Triple-check your work
  • Take pride in your crisp and clear email communication
  • Can commit to each session and homework every week

Sample Topics

  • Partnering with hiring managers: How to host an effective intake meeting, communicating regular updates, and creating a hiring plan
  • Sourcing 101: How to find top talent, what to look for in a great resume, the best tools to use, and crafting your outreach
  • Candidate experience: Writing job descriptions, conducting phone screens, and building a structured interview process
  • DEI: Crafting a diverse and inclusive process and building a diverse pipeline
  • Closing: Creating and negotiating offers, selling, and reference checks
  • Hiring Plans: Tracking important recruiting analytics and creating a hiring plan

Recruiter Track is taught by world-class startup recruiting leaders.

And More!

Recruiters Track is taught by world class investors and entrepreneurs who share actionable insights into their investing journey.


When is the course?
Recruiter Track will run every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30-5:30pm PT from April 5 to April 26, with optional electives in between.
Will this be virtual?
Yes, all classes will be held over Zoom in an interactive fashion. We will have breakout rooms and large group discussions, all virtually. We encourage anyone in the US to apply.
What’s the time commitment?
We expect each student to attend every session and actively participate, and sessions will not be recorded. At the end of each session, we might have some "homework" for you to complete. We believe that practice makes perfect, and we're here to give you a ton of experience so that you're ready to take on the role of recruiter!
What happens when the program is over?
Up to you! There may be an opportunity to work directly with First Round and support our companies or apply directly to roles at First Round companies. While we can’t guarantee you’ll land a job, we’ll help prep you for your journey ahead in recruiting.
Is this program free?
Yes! This program is completely free.